The History of Rivers of Life Church

January 2003, 2108 Wood Street – Where it all began! Pastor Brigitte started a women’s bible study at this small duplex where she and Pastor Jesse lived, on Wood Street in Lansing. It quickly grew to 20+ women every Monday night.  The women believed in the call on their lives so much that they insisted that offerings be taken up in support of us starting Rivers of Life Church.  It was not long before we stepped out of the boat and started Rivers of Life.

Pastors Jesse and Brigitte were the worship leaders then;  Pastor Brigitte could not really carry a tune, but her heart was pure, and Pastor Jesse could sing but could not remember the words to the songs.  But thank God we grew fast enough to get some real singers up there!

October 2004 – Rivers of Life Church begins!  Pastors Jesse and Brigitte began holding Sunday morning worship services on October 3, 2004.  The conference room in the basement of this Century 21 Real Estate office was small, but it was just what we needed to start God’s work.

December 2005 – We began meeting at Sankofa Shule Academy towards the end of 2005. It served its purpose while we were there, but there was lots of work involved. Every Saturday morning we had to set up the entire gym and classrooms in preparation for Sunday’s service. We then had to tear everything down immediately after service – yes … even in our nice church clothes!  After 2 years of faithful service, we were ready to leave this location.   

June 2007 – We then began meeting at Waverly Middle School.  Even though we did not have to set up on Saturdays, the sound and music department still had to arrive at 7:00 am each Sunday to set up and rehearse. It was still very tedious, but with each move the Lord blessed us more and more.

2008 – God blessed us with a new facility and since then we have continued to grow and make a difference in our city with the healing power of God’s Word.